(Roget's IV) n.
1. [Any warm-blooded vertebrate with feathers and wings]
Syn. fowl, feathered creature, Avis (Latin), songbird, passerine bird, oscine bird, bird of prey, raptor, shorebird, seabird, wader, wading bird, waterfowl, ratite, cageling, chick, nestling, fledgling, birdie*.
Common birds include: sparrow, starling, robin, bluejay, crow, hawk, meadowlark, cowbird, hummingbird, finch, quail, partridge, pheasant, owl, vulture, buzzard, turkey buzzard, woodpecker, cardinal, oriole, bluebird, kingfisher, canary, parrot, chickadee, swallow, skylark, nightingale, nuthatch, whippoorwill, flycatcher, thrush, catbird, cuckoo, bobolink, titmouse, wren, gull, sandpiper, eagle, falcon, albatross, cormorant, osprey, cedarbird, ovenbird, blackbird, dove, duck, swan, goose, pigeon, brambling, bullfinch, parakeet or parrakeet, chat, creeper, crane, shitepoke, heron, pelican, loon, tern, goshawk, goatsucker, mockingbird, ostrich, emu, kestrel, petrel, auk; see also hawk , owl , sparrow , thrush , woodpecker .
2. [A game bird]
Syn. wildfowl, game, partridge, quail, woodcock, grouse; see also duck , goose 1 , pheasant .
3. [*A person; a mildly derogatory term]
Syn. person, fellow, guy*, coot*, duck*, duffer*.
eat like a bird,
Syn. diet, starve, restrain one's appetite, pick; see fast .
for the birds,
Syn. ridiculous, absurd, useless; see absurd , stupid 1 , useless 1 , worthless 1 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
fowl, feathered friend, Anseriformes, Charadriiformes, Columbiformes, Falconiformes, Galliformes, Passeriformes, Psittaci-formes. ''Dame Nature's minstrels.''—Gavin Douglas. ''The merry minstrels of the morn.''—James Thomson.
bare spots on underbelly used to warm eggs: brood spots
beak that curves or hooks: aquiline
bird of prey: raptor
cage/enclosure: aviary
calls/songs: trill; cheep; chirp; pipe; warble; coo; whistle; caw; chirrup; chip; chatter; chitter; squawk; twitter; mewl; cluck; croak; peep; honk; quack; cackle; trumpet, ululate; sweet, plaintive call; mournful note; high, lisping note; rasping note; cheery, lilting melody; discordant screams of jays; forlorn hooting of an owl; liquid ululation of a loon; shrill fluting; piccolo note; caroling notes; exuberant song; wheedling voice; discordant rasp of a starling
claw: talon
collar of hair or feathers: ruff
crest on fowl: comb
domination order: pecking order
earliest known: Archaeopteryx
eggs, group of: clutch
eggs, to sit on: brood
expert on: ornithologist
eyelike spot in peacock tail: ocellus
falcons used as hunters, sport: falconry
feathers, shedding: molting
fleshy neck component on turkey: wattle
flying: flitting, darting, soaring, swooping, banking, diving, spiraling, wheeling, wheeling in intricate chandelles, rising on a thermal
grooming: preening
group of: flock; bevy (quail), charm (finches), chattering (starlings), colony (gulls), convocation (eagles), covey (grouse), exaltation (larks), fall (woodcock), flight (doves or swallows), gaggle (geese), herd (swans), host (sparrows), murder (crows), murmuration (starlings), muster (peacocks), nye (pheasants), parliament (owls), rookery (sea birds), siege (herons), skein (flying geese), team (ducks)
migratory route: flyway
mythical: phoenix, roc
nest: aerie
plumage that is soft and fluffy: down
referring to: avian
reservation: sanctuary
second stomach: gizzard, craw, crop
throat patch: gorget
wingless: apterous
young bird: chick, fledgling, nestling
(Roget's Thesaurus II) noun Slang. Any of various derisive sounds of disapproval: boo, catcall, hiss, hoot. Slang: Bronx cheer, raspberry, razz. See SOUNDS.

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